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Resource Center for CMIs and CCIPs

For all designated members of IPT, everything you need to know about your CMI or CCIP designation is located here.  The resource center includes all of the following:

  • Lists of all IPT Designated Members – See who else has earned this prestigious designation. 
  • Maintaining Your Designation – Learn about the continuing education policy, the retention policy, and how to request a copy of your CMI or CCIP continuing education status report.
  • Reinstating Your Designation – Review the requirements needed to reinstate your designation after a period of inactivity. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions – See the most common questions answered regarding your designation.

Property Tax

As the pioneering certification in its field, the CMI - Property Tax designation is widely recognized as a mark of excellence and distinction. Earning the CMI - Property Tax designation not only enhances your credibility and professional reputation but also opens doors to new opportunities for career advancement and growth.

Sales Tax

Since 1984, the CMI - Sales Tax designation has recognized the most qualified members specializing in sales tax, setting a standard of excellence in this field. Attaining the CMI - Sales Tax Designation signifies a high level of professional achievement and distinction within the sales and use tax industry. By earning this designation, tax professionals enhance their credibility, expand their expertise, and demonstrate their commitment to excellence in sales &use tax practice.

State Income Tax

Embark on a journey towards excellence in state income tax with the The CMI - State Income Tax designation. It is a prestigious designation that sets a new standard of proficiency and distinction in the realm of state income taxation. Through comprehensive training programs tailored to address the complexities of state income tax, these CMIs have the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this dynamic field with confidence.

Credits & Incentives

The CCIP designation represents a prestigious standard of excellence, setting a new benchmark for professional achievement in tax credits and business incentives. Earning the CCIP designation not only validates your proficiency but also positions you as a trusted leader in this ever-evolving field. Join a community of elite professionals and establish yourself as an expert in maximizing tax benefits and incentives for businesses.

Resource Center for Active Designees

Continuing Education

Maintaining your CMI/CCIP designation has never been easier.  Designated members of IPT can utilize the barcode scanning at IPT programs to receive continuing education credit (CPE).  Upon successful scanning of their badges, credit hours are  uploaded to the CMI/CCIP continuing education status report. IPT will also process this data and provide a Certificate of Attendance.  Designated members are responsible for scanning their badges at every session.  Credit cannot be awarded after the program without scanned documentation. Your attention to this matter will help us continue to improve and maintain the integrity of our educational programs. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your continuing education status report to update and reflect your attendance at a recent IPT program.

Continuing Education Policy

To request a copy of your CMI or CCIP CE Status Report:

  • Login to the IPT website
  • Click on your name in the top right-hand corner
  • Click on the "My Designation" tab
  • Click the link and fill out the form

You will receive a copy of your status report by email within 5 - 10 minutes.

CMI/CCIP Reinstatement Policy and Application

In the event that your CMI/CCIP designation has become inactive, you will need to complete the Reinstatement Application and submit it to IPT, along with accompanying documentation showing that you’ve met the reinstatement requirements.  The application and documentation can be sent to Jake Lipps, IPT’s Certification Manager.

CMI/CCIP Reinstatement Policy

We've Got Answers

Where can I find my CMI/CCIP certification information?

You can access your certification information when you log in to your IPT portal. After logging in, click on your name in the top right-hand corner, then click on the “My Designation” tab to access the following: 

  • Certification Number
  • Certification Status
  • Certification Date
  • Term Begin Date
  • Term End Date
Where can I find the continuing education policy?
The continuing education policy is located here.
Where/How do I submit continuing education for my current CMI/CCIP term?
Due to the new Continuing Education policy (effective July 1, 2021), submitting continuing education that’s non-IPT education is no longer applicable, as only IPT education is now accepted. Continuing education will automatically be uploaded to CMI/CCIP terms as designees attend IPT programs. 
Is there a deadline for submitting continuing education?
There is no longer a deadline as all IPT education is automatically uploaded to CMI/CCIP terms.
There are attendance discrepancies in my CE Status Report. Who do I contact?
Please contact Jake Lipps to discuss discrepancies in your CE Status Report for a specific program. Please note, IPT policy mandates that program attendees have 60 days (after the program date) to notify IPT of changes or discrepancies in their attendance. After 60 days, program attendance cannot be modified.
What happens to my certification if my membership becomes inactive or I change employers?
During any period of inactive IPT membership status, all rights and privileges of the designation are automatically suspended. The designation will be considered inactive until IPT membership is reactivated, the designees applies for reinstatement, and meets all requirements for reinstatement. In addition, responsibility falls on the designee to notify IPT of changes with their employment status. For more information, please the Reinstatement Policy. If you have questions about the CMI or CCIP professional designations that are not answered on our website, please contact Jake Lipps.
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