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Corporate/Industry Membership

Available to industry employees who manage state and local tax obligations or credits and incentives administration exclusively for their employers.

Consultant Membership

Individuals whose employers provide tax-related legal, accounting, appraisal, audit, compliance, tax planning, or credits and incentives services.


Access to industry-leading professional development and education programs, including schools, symposiums, annual conferences, and other events for each tax discipline. Earn credit via in-person and online programs to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and maintain your professional credentials.

Professional Designations

Attain industry recognition and credibility as a tax expert through the Certified Member of the Institute (CMI) professional designation for property tax, sales & use tax, and state income tax professionals, as well as the Certified Credits and Incentives Professional (CCIP) designation for credits and incentives professionals.

Professional Opportunities

Access an extensive network of tax professionals for knowledge sharing and best practices. Members can also seek guidance from other members on tax matters in different regions, states, and municipalities.

Monthly Newsletter

Receive regular updates through the IPT Insider, a monthly newsletter providing analysis and updates on current IPT news and events.

Membership Discounts

Save on valuable educational resources with member pricing on IPT schools, symposiums, seminars, other programs, and publications.

Member Database

Utilize a comprehensive and user-friendly database to search for over 6,600 tax professionals by name, company, tax specialty, and location.

Corporate Membership

IPT's Corporate Membership offers an exclusive opportunity for professionals responsible for managing or administering state and local tax obligations or credits and incentives within their organization. With two membership options, including individual and tiered memberships, IPT ensures cost-effective access to our extensive benefits for your entire team. Enjoy discounted pricing on IPT programs and publications, networking opportunities with thousands of tax professionals, and access to industry thought leaders.

Join IPT's Corporate Membership today and empower your team to thrive in the dynamic landscape of state and local taxation.


IPT's Individual Membership is ideal for employees of corporate tax departments seeking personal access to IPT's valuable resources and benefits. This membership option is priced at $375 per person per calendar year and is perfect for individuals or small teams of one or two members.


IPT’s Membership options are designed to maximize involvement while minimizing costs. Tailored for companies with three or more members, Tiered Membership offers a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking comprehensive access to IPT's resources and benefits.
IPT Corporate Membership Options
# of Corporate Members Total Annual Cost
Individual 1 member $375 per calendar year
Individual 2 members $750 per calendar year
Tier 1: 3 - 10 members $1000 per calendar year
Tier 2: 11 - 20 members $2000 per calendar year
Tier 3: 21+ members $3000 per calendar year
***In addition to membership dues, $150 per CMI/CCIP designation will apply. ***

Consultant Membership

IPT’s Consultant Membership option is available to individuals meeting general membership requirements. It offers an avenue for professionals providing tax-related services to non-government entities. Consultants in tax law, accounting, appraisal, audit, compliance, tax planning, credits and incentives, and related areas are eligible to join.

Academic Membership

Academic Membership provides individuals with a professional interest in public finance or state and local taxation access to IPT's resources and benefits, fostering collaboration and learning within the SALT community. Membership dues are waived upon application approval. This membership option is only available to eligible full-time academic professionals and students who do not otherwise qualify for Corporate/Industry or Consultant membership.

Become a Tax Pro

When you join IPT, you gain access to exceptional resources and become part of a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to your success. Our annual programs are crafted by SALT experts from diverse backgrounds, ensuring the content is relevant, practical, and tailored to your needs. Our professional designations help you achieve the highest levels of career success. Whether you're just starting your career or looking to enhance your expertise, IPT provides the education and training you need to excel in the ever-evolving world of state and local taxation. Join us and become a tax PRO with IPT! As a member, you’ll benefit from live and online continuing education, employment opportunities, a monthly newsletter, industry research, and textbook resources to PRO your career. We also administer the following professional designations:

  • CMI (Certified Member of the Institute) for property tax, sales & use tax, and state income tax practitioners
  • CCIP (Certified Credits and Incentives Professional) for credits and incentives practitioners who represent business and industry
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