Professional Designations

Elevate Your Pro Status


Certified Member of the Institute

The CMI designation is a significant achievement in business taxation and is recognized as a pinnacle of professional excellence within the SALT industry. With certification available in property tax, sales and use tax, and state income tax, individuals who attain CMI status demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and mastery of their chosen area of expertise. This designation not only enhances credibility but also signifies a commitment to ongoing professional development and excellence in tax practice.


Certified Credits & Incentives Professional

The CCIP designation from the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) is a prestigious recognition within the realm of business tax credits and incentives. It represents the highest level of professional achievement specifically tailored to individuals specializing in the field. Attaining CCIP status demonstrates not only a deep understanding of the complexities of tax credits and incentives but also a commitment to excellence and professionalism, serving as a hallmark of expertise and dedication for professionals seeking to maximize tax benefits for businesses.

The Certification Process

Interested in becoming a designated member of IPT? Comprehensive information on the CMI/CCIP eligibility requirements and your path to certification can be found here.

IPT Designated Members

Are you currently a designated member of IPT? Your resource center for maintaining and reinstating your designation is located here. You can also access the full listing of active CMIs and CCIPs.