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IPT is the only organization to provide education and certification for credits & incentives professionals working for or on the behalf of corporations. The IPT programs available for C&I practitioners provides them a wide spectrum of opportunities to enhance their career ranging from education across the practice of credits & incentives, the opportunity to meet other C&I practitioners, or the ability to distinguish themselves by earning the Certified Credits & Incentives Professional (CCIP) designation, just to name a few.

Credits & Incentives School

The Credits & Incentives School provides attendees with a solid foundation in C&I concepts and accommodates those with varying expertise in the field. The school is a crucial resource for those focusing on C&I and yet provides content for tax professionals in other disciplines to bring added value to their key stakeholders. The school emphasizes the practical application of the C&I principles and theories presented through both general sessions and hands-on practical exercises. Topics include site selection; statutory incentives at the federal and state level; discretionary incentives; the art of negotiation; research and cost modeling; compliance; ethics; tax credit monetization; and complex incentives & financing structures.

School attendees also participate in small groups and prepare a case study presentation for the class by applying the factors and data needed to conduct a site selection process; identify the process to obtain discretionary and statutory incentives; utilize tools to finance economic development projects; discern strategies to develop a cross-state model; recognize monetization techniques for tax credits; and distinguish compliance issues associated with C&I transactions.

The IPT Credits & Incentives School is a mandatory requirement in the pursuit of the Certified Credits & Incentives Professional designation.

Credits & Incentives Symposium

IPT's Credits & Incentives Symposium is the only annual program focused solely on credits & incentives and is intended for those professionals who represent or work on behalf of businesses. This symposium is the essential program for all state and local tax professionals, whether credits & incentives is their primary or ancillary focus. The symposium features multiple general and breakout sessions, spanning trending topics, regional updates, and performance and workplace strategies.

Each session is designed to deliver unparalleled content from professionals who represent business interests and understand C&I strategies, implementation, and how these relate to business objectives. A highlight of the symposium is the opportunity to meet exhibitors from up to eight states who participate in a lively and friendly debate during designated breakout sessions.

Annual Conference Credits & Incentives Track

IPT's Annual Conference is the year's most robust and comprehensive educational program in state and local tax (SALT). It not only offers a full complement of credits & incentives sessions, but also the opportunity to learn about current issues offered in concurrent sessions in SALT related disciplines – Property Tax, Sales & Use Tax, or State Income Tax. This two and a half-day conference features top-notch educational sessions, which are presented by experienced and highly regarded tax professionals from across the country.

This Conference is also a wonderful opportunity to expand your network of SALT professionals by reconnecting with colleagues and making new contacts with like professionals. Given the diversity of indirect tax disciplines represented, the Conference is uniquely positioned to help SALT practitioners not only enhance their knowledge across multiple tax areas, but expand their networking outreach by connecting with other professionals from across the country.
Programs and Schools

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Credits & Incentives Symposium
2024 IPT Credits and Incentives Symposium
Tucson, AZ
October 20 - 23, 2024

Professional Designation in Credits & Incentives (CCIP)

IPT is the only organization to certify corporate professionals in the field of credits & incentives with its Certified Credits and Incentives Professional (CCIP) designation. Achieving this certification is an acknowledgement of experience, education, and successful completion of testing in the credits and incentives discipline. Members having this designation are in an esteemed class of C&I professionals.