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The Institute’s program offerings in state income taxation provide members with the most current, relevant, and recognized education in this niche tax discipline. Whether you desire a comprehensive education in state income taxation, want to pursue a certification that distinguishes you apart from others in the field, or need the most up-to-date information on state income taxation, this IPT track is ideal.

State Income Tax School

IPT's State Income Tax School is highly regarded as the most comprehensive state income tax education school available for today's state and local tax professionals. The school's comprehensive and balanced mix of fundamental principles and advanced topics is well suited for those new or well-seasoned to the discipline. During the school, attendees conduct an in-depth analysis of complex problems state income tax professionals regularly encounter.

Topics at the school include: jurisdiction to tax; federal constitutional limitations; nexus and P.L. 86-272; determination of income tax base; income subject to allocation; unitary business principle; fundamentals of formulary apportionment; tax return filing methodologies; SALT tax provisions & accruals; pass through and disregarded entities; common issues in mergers & acquisitions; handling an income tax audit; researching & documenting findings; and, ethics.

State Income Tax Symposium

IPT's State Income Tax Symposium provides an in-depth analysis of state income taxation's most relevant issues, delivered by industry leaders who will provide best practices and alternate strategies in navigating these challenges. The program offers sessions on significant legislation, legislative updates, and the current state income tax environment. The symposium is presented by state and local income tax leaders, both corporate and advisory, who will provide tax professionals with best practices and alternate strategies in navigating today's challenges.

Annual Conference State Income Tax Track

IPT's Annual Conference is the year's most robust and comprehensive educational program in state and local tax (SALT). It not only offers a full complement of property tax sessions, but also the opportunity to learn about other current SALT issues offered in concurrent sessions in a related discipline - Sales & Use Tax, Property Tax, or Credits & Incentives. This two and a half-day conference features top-notch educational sessions, which are presented by experienced and highly regarded tax professionals from across the country.

The Conference is also a wonderful opportunity to expand your network of SALT professionals by reconnecting with colleagues and making new contacts with like professionals. Given the diversity of indirect tax disciplines represented, the Conference is uniquely positioned to help SALT practitioners not only enhance their knowledge across multiple tax areas, but expand their networking outreach by connecting with other professionals from across the country.

ABA/IPT Advanced State Income Tax Seminar

The American Bar Association - Tax Section and the Institute for Professionals in Taxation's Advanced State Income Tax Seminar is one of the most prominent educational programs offered in the field of state income tax law. This two-day seminar provides all state income tax professionals with the most current updates on judicial, legislative, and other legal-related issues facing the industry.

This program is intended for state income tax practitioners, including attorneys, consultants, tax directors and managers, government and revenue officials and other professionals practicing in the state income tax field. The seminar sessions feature known and experienced presenters from both the public and private sectors, resulting in presentations that are informative, well-rounded, and diverse.
Programs and Schools

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State Income Tax School
2024 IPT State Income Tax School
Atlanta, GA
July 22 - 25, 2024
State Income Tax Symposium
2024 IPT State Income Tax Symposium
Tucson, AZ
November 10 - 13, 2024

Professional Designation in State Income Taxation

IPT’s Certified Member of the Institute- State Income Tax is highly desired by income tax professionals practicing in the area of business state income taxation. Earning the CMI- State Income Tax professional designation reflects a member’s education, experience, and successful testing in this field and sets them apart from other income tax professionals.

State Income Tax CMI