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Whether you are an entry-level or seasoned property tax professional, the Institute has a multitude of educational opportunities to help you build your knowledge and grow your professional network.  IPT has a dynamic property taxation educational program that ranges from foundational topics to complex taxation strategies, all of which are designed with the property tax professional in mind.  All curriculums are delivered by corporate, consultant, and legal practitioners who understand the complexities of property taxation.  Each school employs a combination of general session lectures and small group exercises that create the optimal learning experience, whereas the other programs feature a balanced mix of general and breakout sessions of presentation and lecture, often in interactive environment.

Property Tax School

IPT's Property Tax School provides attendees with the essential information needed to build and advance their careers in property taxation. The school offers an introductory yet comprehensive study of the theory and practice of property tax management for business, including a demonstration of valuation techniques and how these apply to a tax professional's daily responsibilities.

The school is intended for those who want to learn more about property taxation fundamentals or may have limited experience in the field and minimal exposure to appraisal theory. Topics include Property Tax Administration Management; Valuation Theory and Principles; the Three Approaches to Valuation- Sales Comparison, Cost, and Income; Reconciliation of Value Conclusions; Personal Property Tax; Tax Research; and Ethics in Property Taxation. 

Personal Property Tax School

The Personal Property Tax School is an advanced school for property tax professionals who have a basic understanding of ad valorem principles and want a comprehensive education in personal property taxation. Those attending the school will be able to build their knowledge of personal property taxation management and its four cornerstones; expand their experience in developing and presenting cost-saving personal property returns; and broaden their overall property taxation expertise.

The Personal Property Tax School thoroughly examines the four cornerstones of personal property taxation- Classification, Compliance, Valuation of Machinery & Equipment, and Audits & Appeals. Throughout the week-long school, attendees work in small groups on an all-encompassing case study and then present an amended return at a mock hearing before the school's conclusion on Friday. This task is a vital component of the learning experience as attendees apply their knowledge of the material covered at the school in front of a panel of property tax professionals, who evaluate the presenters and their final conclusion of value. As a result, attendees leave with invaluable expertise in effectively presenting an amended return.

Registrants must have attended and passed the IPT Property Tax School or passed the Online Property Tax School Competency Exam to attend this school. Successfully completing the Personal Property Tax School is a requirement for earning the CMI - Property Tax designation.

Real Property Tax School

The Real Property Tax School is a comprehensive property tax program for professionals seeking advanced knowledge in real property taxation and is intended for those with some experience in the field. The school builds upon participants' fundamental understanding of real property tax by examining complex concepts and principles, including how to apply these in actual practice. The school is a five-day, in-person program, led by a diverse faculty with deep knowledge rooted in real-world experience. With this insight, the faculty takes attendees through differing perspectives of real property taxation, provides them with the skills to manage valuations, navigates them through appeal processes, and how to achieve successful outcomes.

Topics covered at the Real Property Tax School include the three approaches to value; direct capitalization; yield capitalization; discounted cash flow models; building cost estimations and identifying various types of depreciation; analysis of sales information; summation of the three approaches; equalization, sales ratio studies, and mass appraisal; assessor, appeal board, and court interactions; and ethics in property taxation.

Registrants must have attended and passed the IPT Property Tax School or passed the Online Property Tax School Competency Exam to attend this school. Successfully completing the Real Property Tax School is a requirement for earning the CMI-Property Tax designation.

Property Tax Symposium

IPT's Property Tax Symposium is widely recognized as the leading program for advanced real and personal property tax education. The program features general and breakout sessions, offering new and varied perspectives on a wide array of topics to equip property tax professionals at every stage of their career. 

In addition to numerous other topics, past symposiums have included legal updates impacting property taxation, economic forecasts, real estate trends, as well as interactive property tax forums and roundtables.  The Property Tax Symposium is an invaluable opportunity to enrich your knowledge of property taxation and remain abreast of the latest developments in the ad valorem field.

Annual Conference Property Tax Track

IPT's Annual Conference is the year's most robust and comprehensive educational program in state and local tax (SALT). It not only offers a full complement of property tax sessions, but also the opportunity to learn about other current SALT issues offered in concurrent sessions in a related discipline - Sales & Use Tax, State Income Tax, or Credits & Incentives. This two-and-a-half day conference features top-notch educational sessions, which are presented by experienced and highly regarded tax professionals from across the country.

The Conference is also a wonderful opportunity to expand your network of SALT professionals by reconnecting with colleagues and making new contacts with like professionals. Given the diversity of indirect tax disciplines represented, the Conference is uniquely positioned to help SALT practitioners not only enhance their knowledge across multiple tax areas, but expand their networking outreach by connecting with other professionals from across the country.

ABA/IPT Advanced Property Tax Seminar

The American Bar Association - Tax Section and the Institute for Professionals in Taxation's Advanced Property Tax Seminar is one of the most prominent educational programs offered in the field of property tax law. This two-day seminar provides all property tax professionals with the most current updates on judicial, legislative, and other legal-related issues facing the industry.

This program is intended for property tax practitioners, including attorneys, consultants, tax directors and managers, appraisers, assessors, and other professionals practicing in the property tax field. The seminar sessions feature known and experienced presenters from both the public and private sectors, resulting in presentations that are informative, well-rounded, and diverse.
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2024 IPT Personal Property Tax School
Atlanta, GA
August 5 - 9, 2024
Property Tax School
2024 Property Tax School
Grapevine, TX
September 9 - 12, 2024
Property Tax School
2024 IPT Real Property Tax School
Atlanta, GA
October 7 - 11, 2024
Property Tax Symposium
2024 IPT Property Tax Symposium
Tucson, AZ
November 10 - 13, 2024
Property Tax Symposium
2025 IPT Property Tax Symposium
Indian Wells, CA
November 2 - 5, 2025
Property Tax Symposium
2026 IPT Property Tax Symposium
Aurora, CO
November 8 - 11, 2026

Property Tax Professional Designation

IPT's Certified Member of the Institute- Property Tax professional designation is the only designation available for property tax professionals in the industry. Earning the CMI-Property Tax is a culmination of education, experience, and testing, and is recognized as the highest possible achievement in the field of property taxation.

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