Local Luncheon Group Guidelines


IPT should be notified of the upcoming luncheon at least 15 days prior to presentation using the online form found at the following link: http://ipt.llgprogram.sgizmo.com/s3/

Local Luncheon Groups Continuing Education Information/Guidelines
Please review the following guidelines that must be used for groups to obtain CMI/CCIP CE credits for educational programs at local luncheons. Questions regarding CE should be directed to Christina Webb, Director of Education, Institute for Professional in Taxation®, cwebb@ipt.org

There are four types of CPE Credit. IPT can assist with obtaining the first two. Detailed information on each follows:

1. General CMI credit for CMI members
2. Ethics credit for CMI members
3. NASBA credit for CPAs and others whose organization accepts NASBA credit
4. Continuing legal education credit for lawyers

1. Credit for maintaining CMI/CCIP

In order for CMI/CCIPs to receive credit for the program, IPT needs a copy of the program, a sign-in sheet indicating the time/which session(s) the participants attended, which participants are CMI/CCIPs and a verification signature. Please use the signup sheets included in Appendix D. By signing, each attendee is representing that he/she attended the entire educational session. This information can be sent to IPT electronically using the online submission form at http://ipt.llgpostprogram.sgizmo.com/s3/

2. CMI/CCIP Ethics Credit

Sessions should be approved at least 15 days PRIOR to the date of the program.  The Institute’s Board of Governors has mandated a requirement that certified members in any discipline must complete 5 hours of ethics training every 5 years at IPT events in order to maintain their designation. Approved Local Luncheon Group ethics sessions are treated as IPT sessions for this purpose. This policy serves as a guideline for Local Luncheon Groups to use in developing speakers to assist CMI/CCIPs in meeting this requirement. Please see the application form at http://ipt.llgethics.sgizmo.com/s3/. Appendix A specifies the information needed to complete this application. 

3. NASBA CPE Credit

IPT can no longer co-sponsor a program with the Local Luncheon Group to obtain NASBA CPE Credit for CPAs. Local luncheon groups can work with other NASBA accredited organizations or obtain credentials from NASBA to sponsor this type of event. IPT will allow this type of credit for the CMI/CCIP designation program (see 2 above)

4. Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Credits granted by state bar and/or legal accreditation agencies would be handled by the Local Luncheon Group or individual attorney in attendance. Usually, a form must be completed for each state along with a fee payment. Generally, bar agencies also require learning objectives, attendance tracking and some sort of certificate to attendees at the end of the session. Please check with the state bar in your area to ascertain what is needed. IPT will not file Local Luncheon programs for Continuing Legal Education. 

Questions regarding CE should be directed to Christina Webb, Director of Education, Institute for Professional in Taxation®, cwebb@ipt.org