Providing a Solid Foundation of Knowledge and Experience

Since 1976, IPT has been focused on providing members with educational excellence; offering a unique and diverse professional certification program; and advocating for the equitable administration of state and local taxes. As a member driven organization, we are keenly focused on providing tax professionals with the resources they need to succeed.   

The Benefits of IPT Membership:

  • Educational Opportunities - IPT offers access to industry-leading professional development and education programs through 20+ annual programs.
  • Continuing Education Credit – Offered through both in-person and online programs.
  • Professional Designations - IPT's professional designations deliver industry recognition and credibility as a state and local taxation expert. 
  • Professional Opportunities - An extensive network of tax professionals sharing knowledge and best practices. A go-to resource for your questions about other regions, states and municipalities. 
  • Membership Discounts – Special pricing on IPT schools, symposia, seminars and workshops, and publications.
  • The IPT Member Database - Access to a database that provides members the ability to search for more than 6,000 tax professionals by name, company, tax specialty and location.
  • A Strict Code of Ethics – Professional standards, which are recognized industry-wide, that govern member conduct and define professional expectations in all tax related matters.
  • IPT Committees – Volunteer opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills, influence IPT’s organizational direction and establish a stronger professional reputation through committee participation.
  • Industry Research – Sponsored studies that produce empirical data sets and surveys, analyses, reports and other information that can be used in legislative and congressional debate, as well as to help members navigate complex SALT issues.