Corporate Membership

IPT's Corporate Membership is available to those who have responsibility for managing or administering the state and local tax obligations or credits and incentives exclusively for their employer.  There are several Corporate Membership options available including individual memberships and tiered memberships, which provide a cost-effective way for more staff members to enjoy the benefits of IPT membership.  In addition to the membership benefits of discounted pricing for IPT programs and publications, networking opportunities with thousands of state and local tax professionals and access to industry thought leaders,  IPT's  Corporate Membership also provides a special option that allows those that qualify, the opportunity to increase their presence and involvement in IPT while reducing membership and program attendance costs (approx. $500 savings per person per program), by selecting:

Individual Membership

Individual  membership is best suited for employees of corporate tax departments with one or two members intending to join IPT.  The individual membership fee is $375 per person per calendar year.  If your company intends to have three or more members, then refer to the Tiered Membership information below.  Individual memberships can always be upgraded to a Tiered membership at any time should additional employees want to join the organization.

Tiered Membership

Increase your involvement with IPT while reducing membership and program attendance costs!  Great for companies with 3 or more wishing to join.

Tiered Membership:

Tier 1: 3-10 memberships $1,000 per calendar year
Tier 2: 11-20 memberships $2,000 per calendar year
Tier 3: 21+ memberships  $3,000 per calendar year

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Full details on membership in the Institute are described in IPT's By-Laws .