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Upcoming 2014 Programs

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Begin DateTitleDetails
4/27/20142014 Sales Tax School IIRegister
5/2/20142014 Michigan One-Day Tax SeminarRegister
6/1/20142014 Advanced State Income Tax SchoolRegister
6/1/20142014 Basic State Income Tax SchoolRegister
6/29/20142014 Annual ConferenceRegister
7/13/20142014 Real Property Tax SchoolRegister
8/10/20142014 Property Tax SchoolRegister
9/17/20142014 Value Added Tax SymposiumRegister
9/21/20142014 Credits and Incentives SymposiumRegister
9/21/20142014 Sales Tax SymposiumRegister
10/12/20142014 Personal Property Tax SchoolRegister
11/9/20142014 Income Tax SymposiumRegister
11/9/20142014 Property Tax SymposiumRegister

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Basic Income Tax School Registration Form

Advanced Income Tax School Registration Form

Michigan One-Day Tax Seminar Registration Form

2014 Annual Conference Registration Form

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Basic and Advanced State Income Tax Schools Now Available for Registration

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Sales Tax School II: Theory and Practice for the Experienced Sales and Use Tax Professional Registration is Now Available

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