2020 IPT Property Tax Symposium Webinar Sponsors

Please contact Helen Johnson, hjohnson@ipt.org or (404) 240-2319  for 2020 Sponsorship Opportunities.

Individual Webinar Sponsors

You Can Call Me What You Want as long as You Don't Call Me a Special Purpose Property

Valuing Healthcare Real Estate in an Ever-Changing Environment

Hot Topics in Real Estate (The Un-COVID Edition)

* Women Navigating in a Male Dominated Field – The Instagram Version vs. Reality!

* Navigating Moral Minefields (Ethics)

How to Deal with a Change in Assessing Officials

* External Obsolescence: Identification and Substantiation

* Impact of COVID-19 on Retail and Hospitality Properties - Survival of the Fittest or Armageddon?

Property Tax Technology Ecosystems: How Data Automation, Analytics and Visualization, Process Automation, and Emerging Technologies are Living and Interacting in the Property Tax Space

Using USPAP to Expose and Resist Taxing Jurisdiction Inflated Appraisals

* Property Tax Appeal Law and Procedure: Where Valuation Meets Litigation

* And the Beat Goes On – An Economic Outlook on What changes, What Stays the Same and What’s to Come