Certified Members of the Institute - Income Tax

This list of CMIs is organized by designation status.

Active Designees
Retired Designees
Deceased Designees
Inactive Designees 

Active Designees

Full Name
Mary F. Bernard, CMI, CPA
Gary C. Bingel, CMI, CPA, Esq.
Christian J. Burgos, CMI, J.D., LL.M.
Duane W. Dobson, Jr., CMI, CPA
Ashley Eaves, CMI
Kevin J. Ennis, CMI, MBA, CPA
Katherine Ensminger, CMI, EA
Frank J. Gallo, CMI, Esq.
Meliny Gonzalez, CMI, CPA
Joseph Guelda, CMI, CPA
Christopher J. Hallstrom, CMI, CPA
Amanda Heidenreich, CMI
Sandra Y. Hernandez, CMI
Kathleen M. Holston, CMI, CPA
Nancy Lemay, CMI,CGA, M.Tax
Rusty Little, CMI, CMI, CPA
Mark A. Loyd, CMI, Esq., CPA
Michael May, CMI
Glenn C. McCoy, Jr., CMI, Esq.
April Marie Nevarez, CMI
Vickie O'Connor, CMI, CPA, MT
Robert A. Prado, CMI
Jeffrey K. Schuetz, CMI
David J. Shipley, CMI, Esq.
Jack Small, CMI, CPA
Roy D. Tegenkamp, CMI
Martin W. Tschida, CMI
David R. Venanzi, Jr., CMI
Yihan Wang, CMI
Margaret C. Wilson, CMI, Esq.
Lee A. Zoeller, CMI, Esq.
Mark Zurales, CMI

Retired Designees

Any designee who is fully retired may retain the designation and all requirements will be waived, including payment of any professional designation dues.
Full Name
Douglas P. Horner, CMI
Jeff C. Johnson, CMI
Arlene M. Klika, CMI
Rodney M. Malburg, CMI
Michael J. O'Brien, CMI
Cass D. Vickers, CMI
Andrew P. Wagner, CMI, JD, LLM, CPA

Deceased (not listed here)

Inactive (not listed here)

All rights and privileges of the designation will be suspended for any designee whose IPT membership has expired for whatever reason and who remains a non-member for six months or more. The individual shall refrain from using or displaying the designation, in signing correspondence, in the course of court testimony, or in any other manner. 

During the period of inactive status dues payments and continuing education requirements will be suspended. The designation will be considered inactive until IPT membership is reinstated and the designee applies for active status in writing accompanied by a fee of $250 and meets all requirements for reactivation. Following reactivation of the designation, the member's next five year continuing education reporting period will begin on the next January 1. 

(The above definitions are those in effect as of November 5, 2006.)