IPT's Latest Sponsored Research is Now Available for IPT Members

Big Box Valuation Methodology, Sale Transaction Analysis, and Market Participant Survey

In 2017, the Institute for Professionals in Taxation ® commissioned the highly regarded appraisal firm Situs RERC to produce a sponsored research paper that would provide IPT members and the broader property tax and appraisal industries with an independent and objective review of generally accepted appraisal methods regarding the valuation of big box properties, as well as a comprehensive survey of these sale transactions across the nation. After more than two years of research and analysis, IPT’s Sponsored Research Report on the Valuation of Big Box Retail is now final and available for its members.  
Situs RERC meticulously researched nearly 1,000 sale transactions across the country and surveyed the appraisal arena on key concepts and valuation principles with the purpose to provide clarity regarding how the market actually interprets these transactions and determine an understanding of the sale price variances between leased and unleased properties. The complete analysis and final conclusions by Situs RERC are summarized in this report, which is available to IPT members by clicking the “View the Report” icon below. 
The IPT membership thanks Arthur R. Rosen, Esq., Chair of the IPT Sponsored Research Committee and IPT Second Vice President Mark S. Hutcheson, CMI, Esq., CRE, Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Valuation of Freestanding Retail, and his committee for their countless hours and dedication to this important project. IPT also thanks Situs RERC, which accepted this project with great enthusiasm and scholarship.