Awards Program

The annual IPT Awards Program recognizes those members (See Past Recipients ) who have made extraordinary contributions to our organization. We encourage all members to recommend any member they believe is worthy of consideration. The following is a listing and description of the four established IPT Awards.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to one or more individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Institute over an extended period of time. Examples of the activities for which this award has been previously given include sustained and substantial contributions to one of the Institute's designations or educational programs. To nominate a person for this award, a written statement setting forth the basis for the recommendation is required.

Special Service Award

This award is presented to the member or members who have contributed significantly to a special project, activity, or achievement of the Institute. Examples of the activities for which this award has been predicated are representation of IPT in national conclaves, commissions and task forces, significant involvement in revisions to the organization's bylaws, and a notable role in enhancing IPT educational programs.

New Member Achievement Award

Presented to a member(s) to acknowledge and reward the contributions of our most active newer members so as to establish visible support and encouragement for committed stewardship and service contributions across all membership levels, and, in particular, to foster leadership-level commitment at the new membership level. 

The following criteria will be considered by the committee for evaluating New Member Achievement Award nominations:
  • Must be a member of IPT
  • Eligible recipients have been members for five or fewer years
  • Member's age is not a factor
  • Objective criteria for award consideration will be:
  1. Number of committee memberships and chair positions held
  2. Number of programs attended (schools, conferences, symposiums)
  3. Number pf program leadership commitments (instructor, speaker, etc.)
  4. Number of IPT articles and papers authored
  5. Number of other leadership initiatives undertaken (local luncheon group organization or participation, IPT new member recruitment, etc.)
  6. Number of leadership-level contributions within the 5 years preceding IPT membership
Consideration of the above objective criteria will be weighted for activities that demonstrate initiative, responsibility and a material time commitment (examples: chairing a committee versus committee membership, instructing a school versus attending a school, reactivating and/or assuming leadership responsibility for a local luncheon group, etc.)

Instructor of the Year Awards

This award is presented to the Instructor who has made a significant contribution to an IPT school during the past year. There will be separate awards for the three tax disciplines: state and local income, property and sales and use taxes and an instructor award for the credits & incentives school. The recipients will be selected via a nomination process by the school chairs, instructors for each school, and the student evaluations. 

Submission and Selection Process

IPT Members are encouraged to nominate worthy individuals so that their contributions to the Institute and the tax profession can be appropriately recognized. Nominations should be made using the official Nomination Form available here (send to ) during the nomination period. The Awards Committee reviews nominations, identifies potential award recipients, and makes award recommendations to the IPT Board of Governors for the Distinguished Service Award, Special Award, and New Member Achievement Award.

The Awards Committee makes its recommendations to the Board of Governors for recipients of the Instructor of the Year Award via a nomination process by the school chairs, instructors for each school, and student evaluations. Awards are presented at the Annual Conference. Distinguished Service and Special Service Award recipients will receive complimentary registration for the Conference as well as a certificate. All award recipients will be identified in writing by IPT and will be enrolled on the IPT Awards Recipients page of IPT's website.

Much of the work of the Institute depends on the contributions of volunteer members. The awards program allows us to thank and publicly recognize some of the outstanding volunteer efforts. Your participation in helping to identify deserving award recipients is greatly appreciated.