Principles & Purposes


The Institute for Professionals in Taxation® is dedicated to fostering the professionalization of its members, to promoting the uniform and equitable administration of ad valorem taxation and other forms of state and local taxation and credits & incentives matters and to minimizing the costs of administration and compliance.


In furtherance of the above principles, the Institute for Professionals in Taxation® is formed for the following purposes:
  • Provide its members with the information and services necessary to effectively carry out their responsibilities in ad valorem and all other forms of state and local taxation.
  • Preserve and promote the use of equitable and non-discriminatory methods in taxation of business enterprises carrying on diversified activities in taxing jurisdictions.
  • Eliminate inequitable and discriminatory distortion or otherwise illegitimate methods of determining tax liabilities.
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate information with respect to existing and proposed legislation, regulations and administrative action which is pertinent to the purposes of the Institute; encourage the free discussion of such subjects; present the views of the Institute to other taxpayer organizations, governmental bodies and other interested persons; and take other actions as are deemed appropriate to the accomplishment of its purposes.
  • Develop and operate a program for the education of its members and to promote the study of property taxation and the other forms of state and local taxation by encouraging research and by conducting conferences and symposiums on tax matters.
These principles and purposes of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation® can be achieved only by the observance of the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct by its members. To ensure the observance of these high standards, the Board of Governors has adopted the following code of ethics:

IPT Code of Ethics