IPT’s View for 22: Calling All Members!

This year IPT is engaged in a comprehensive evaluation of its programs and services, with the goal of positioning the organization for the future. With a five-year horizon, the View for 22 project is being led by an outstanding cast of IPT leadership, with Past Presidents Arlene M. Klika, CMI, and Julie S. Bragg, CMI, CPA, CGMA, serving as Overall Co-Chairs, and four separate Work Groups chaired by members of the Board of Governors and populated by the committee chairs who oversee the relevant activities. Our Executive Director Chris G. Muntifering, CMI, and Executive Director Emeritus Billy D. Cook serve as advisors. It is a major undertaking, and we need all the help we can get.

The Work Groups are studying the topics described below. Note that under each bullet there is a button that will present you with a screen to add any suggestions or comments. This is important. We do not want to overlook anything, and the purpose of the entire project is to make IPT more responsive to the needs of members, so please take advantage of this opportunity to provide input.

Education 22 - Should educational programs be modified or redesigned? This inquiry includes the schools, symposia, distance learning, etc., and will consider frequency, location, format, affiliations with other institutions and content. This Work Group is led by Past President Kellianne M. Nagy, CMI, CAE. 

Professional Designation 22 – Have the existing designations achieved the standing desired for them? How can they be strengthened? Are the requirements to obtain and maintain the designations appropriate? Should IPT offer additional designations? This Work Group is led by Second Vice President Janette M. Lohman, CMI, CCIP, Esq., CPA, and Board member Rick L. Johnson, CMI.

Footprint 22 – Should IPT modify its programs to accommodate offshore personnel who seek education and professional designations? If so, how? Should IPT add disciplines such as VAT and unclaimed property to its educational curriculum and designations? This Work Group is led by Board members Christopher S. Hall, CMI, and Malena S. Marshall, CMI.

Technology 22 – This Work Group is focused on what changes in technology are on the horizon that could present challenges or opportunities for IPT. Technology impacts membership administration, program platforms, outreach and relations with government. The leaders of this Work Group are First Vice President Rick H. Izumi, CMI, and Board members David H. Levan, CMI, April M. Nevarez, CMI, and Malena S. Marshall, CMI.

The chairs of this project and its Work Groups are performing difficult, thankless work that does not attract much visibility. If you have the opportunity, please let them know you appreciate what they are doing for our organization.

Thank you, 
Robert S. Goldman, CMI, Esq.