About IPT´s Sponsorship Program

General Sponsorship Program
Event Sponsorship Program
Signature Sponsorship Program

General Sponsorship Program

 In 2003, the Institute´s Board of Governors approved a policy designed to enhance IPT´s educational programs while maintaining registration fees at reasonable levels. Individuals and corporations may make a contribution toward keynote speakers, school instructors, etc., through IPT´s Sponsorship Program. Sponsor contributions for each program may not exceed $2,000 for companies and $500 for individuals (personal contributions). If you decide to participate in our sponsorship program, you as an individual or your company as an organization will receive:
  • Your company´s name or your name listed among the sponsors for the year highlighted in the year-end issue of the IPT Insider.
  • A listing on the Program Sponsors page of IPT´s website.
For company contributions of $375 per program or more ($100 individual), full sponsorship publicity is extended to include the above plus:
  • Your company´s name or your name listed in the final program as a sponsor of that educational program, if timely received, as well as in the sponsor section of the IPT Insider highlighting that program.
  • Name inclusion on a printed sign or banner prominently displayed at the program.
If you wish to be included as an IPT sponsor for the upcoming 2018 educational programs, please complete the application form a and return it to the IPT office. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you. 

Event Sponsorship Program

The Institute offers businesses the opportunity to sponsor an event at the following programs (not all events are available at every program)
  • Annual Conference*
  • Credits & Incentives Symposium
  • Income Tax Symposium
  • Property Tax Symposium
  • Sales Tax Symposium
  • VAT Symposium
Such events include:
  • Reception Sponsorship
  • Breakfast Sponsorship
  • Luncheon Sponsorship
  • Break Sponsorship
  • Internet Service Provider Sponsorship
  • Charging Station Sponsorship
  • Mobile App Sponsorship
*Events at the Annual Conference may be sponsored by individual companies/firms when no Signature Sponsor has been identified. Co-Sponsorship is permitted for some of the foregoing. For sponsorship amounts, benefits and other details, contact Helen Johnson at hjohnson@ipt.org or cal (404) 240-2300.

Signature Sponsorships

IPT offers a Signature Sponsorship for substantial contributions made in order to offset costs associated with IPT programs and events. The Board of Governors designed this program, which began in 2011, with a goal of maintaining and enhancing IPT's educational offerings. One objective is to fund the increasing costs of high-quality educational programs without increasing registration fees or membership dues. Another is the augmentation of individual programs as trends in the delivery of educational programs evolve.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of becoming the Signature Sponsor at IPT's 42nd Annual Conference in 2018, please contact Chris Muntifering, Executive Director, at cmuntifering@ipt.org or call (404) 240-2300.

Click here to see past Signature Sponsors.

For more information on the Signature Sponsor program, please click here.

Thank you for your continued support of IPT´s educational programs!