IPT Local Luncheon Groups

The Institute for Professionals in Taxation® has local luncheon groups in numerous cities across the US, which hold luncheon programs throughout the year. These local programs afford an opportunity for local members of the Institute and others whose primary corporate responsibility is in the area ofState and local income, property and/or sales and use taxation to gather and discuss topics of mutual interest or concern.

The luncheon group planning committee, which is composed of IPT members, develops and hosts the programs that are presented. Any IPT member interested in becoming involved in the planning committee should contact the chair of that luncheon group.

A mailing list of members in the area as well as others who have expressed interest is maintained by the luncheon group. The luncheon fee imposed is to help to cover the costs of the function. Continuing education credit is available. If you are interested in being on the mailing list for a particular group please either contact that group´s Chair or the IPT office.

List of IPT Local Luncheon Groups & Chairs and Upcoming Meetings 

Local Luncheon Group Continuing Education Guidelines