Current Certified Members FAQs

Many of the answers to questions regarding the continuing education requirements are found in the page links under each tax specialty at the bottom of this page.
Q. What non-IPT courses are accepted for CPE credit?
A.  IPT does not list specific approved courses, but a description of acceptable courses can be found on the Continuing Education Requirements document for each tax specialty, which can be access by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

To submit non-IPT Continuing Education:

1. Sign In at
2. Hover your mouse over “Professional Designations” on the main blue menu bar, and click on “Application for Non-IPT Continuing Education Credit.”
3. Fill out the form, attach the supporting documentation, digitally sign the form and click submit.
4. You will receive a message that the form was submitted. 

Q. Is there a deadline for submitting continuing education?
A.    There is no longer a deadline and you may submit any CE earned during your current five-year term. However, we do ask that you submit your CE yearly so that your status report remains current.

Q. What happens to my certification if my membership becomes inactive or I change employers?
A. A member's certification remains active for six months after his or her membership becomes inactive.  If membership is reactivated within the six-month grace period, the member's certification is unaffected.  Once the certification is changed to inactive status, however, the member must submit the  Application to Reactivate Designation along with all required CE documentation and fees.

Q. Is there a maximum number of hours awarded for one program?
A. Yes.  A maximum of 30 hours credit is awarded for an individual program, including an IPT program.

If you have questions about the CMI Professional Designation that are not answered on our website, please contact Emily Archer, or call our office at 404-240-2300.