CMI Candidate FAQs

Need assistance in calculating your education points? Use the links below!

Property Eligibility Checklist  
Sales Eligibility Checklist      
Income Eligibility Checklist

Q. Who may apply for CMI candidacy?

A. Any Member of the Institute in good standing (all dues and fees paid) is eligible to apply for CMI professional designation candidacy.

Q. When and where are the CMI exams administered?

A. The  following schedules provide exam dates and application deadlines. CMI-Property Tax Exam Schedule    CMI-Sales Tax Exam Schedule     CMI-Income Tax Schedule

Q. If I submit an application for the CMI professional designation and miss the next examination opportunity, must I reapply and pay again?

A. No. The candidacy period is for six testing opportunities (approximately three years), and the fee is a one-time application fee..  However, if you do not successfully complete all requirements for designation within that time, you must reapply and take both the written and oral portions of the CMI examination. In addition, you must meet all the requirements in effect at the time of application.

Q. What IPT schools will I be required to complete, and how are education points calculated?

A. Click on the appropriate link ( Property, Sales, Income ) to go to the Education Checklist in your tax specialty for detailed information regarding the requirements to become an eligible candidate, and guidelines in calculating education points.

Q. What if my application is reviewed and found to be short of education points?

A. You may submit additional education documentation to supplement your original application. Applicants are strongly encouraged to be liberal rather than conservative in submitting education. Applicants MUST SUBMIT DOCUMENTATION TO IPT as they attend additional programs in order to update their eligibility status.  This includes IPT programs.  IPT program attendance is NOT automatically linked to CMI applications.