Welcome - Members of the Institute Certified in State/Local Income Tax

Earning the CMI designation is both a personal achievement and a credit to the profession. The CMI designation is more than a mere credential; it is a demonstration of expertise in business state/local income taxation. It also shows the rest of the tax world that professionals in income tax, namely IPT members, are serious about professional development and recognizing professional experience and knowledge. For a list of current CMI-Income Tax members, please click here

After attaining the CMI professional designation, certified members are required to continue their education by attendance at IPT and other approved educational programs. Familiarizing yourself with the CMI-Income Continuing Education Requirements and the CMI-Income Retention Policy will help you to avoid finding yourself short of credits at the end of your term.

Obtaining CPE Credit for IPT Programs

 Now that IPT is using barcode scanning, members can rest assured that they will receive an accurate report of their attendance for each session that they scanned. Credit hours for IPT programs is now entered into a CMI's continuing education report based upon scanned verification of attendance. IPT will continue to process this data and return a Certificate of Attendance to all program attendees for their records and future use. Members should take care to ensure that they scan at every session attended. Credit cannot be awarded after the event without this scanned documentation. Your attention to this matter will help us continue to improve and maintain the integrity of our educational programs.

Obtaining CPE Credit for non-IPT Programs

You will no longer submit non-IPT Continuing Education to the IPT office through email, fax or mail.  Rather, you will sign in to the IPT website, fill out the form and upload supporting documentation.  This new process will allow for a timelier posting of CE to your report.   Attendance at IPT programs will be automatically posted to this report with the exception of Local Luncheons.  The Local Luncheon Chairs will continue to submit sign-in sheets to the IPT office. 

To submit non-IPT Continuing Education:

1. Sign In at www.ipt.org
2. Hover your mouse over “Professional Designations” on the main blue menu bar, and click on “Application for Non-IPT Continuing Education Credit.”
3. Fill out the form, attach the supporting documentation, digitally sign the form and click submit.
4. You will receive a message that the form was submitted.