Corporate Membership

A Corporate Member is an individual who is an employee of a business who has responsibility for managing or administering the state or local tax obligations, or value added tax obligations, of their business or of one or more affiliated businesses. 

Individual Corporate Membership: $325 per person per calendar year.

Corporate firms also have a special option available to them to increase their presence and involvement in IPT while reducing membership and program attendance costs (approx. $500 savings per person per program), by selecting:

Tiered Membership:
Tier 1:  4 - 10 corporate memberships       $1,000 per calendar year
Tier 2:  11 - 29 corporate memberships      $2,000 per calendar year
Tier 3:  30+ corporate memberships           $3,000 per calendar year

Please complete a Request for Membership and we will gladly let you know which membership options are available to you.

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**If there are currently no members in your company and you would be the first member to join, please click here to submit a Corporate Membership application.

Full details on membership in the Institute are described in IPT's By-Laws.