Consultant Membership

A Consultant Member is an individual who is a consultant that meets the general membership requirements and whose employer provides tax-related legal, accounting, appraisal, audit, tax compliance or planning, or other tax-related services or products to persons who are not affiliated with the employer. Consultant Membership also includes those who provide tax-related credits and incentives services to their employer or persons not affiliated with the employer. 

The Consultant membership is available for a single fee of $375 per person per calendar year. 

If you have previously attended a program and/or you or your company have had any affiliation with IPT, please click here.

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**If you have never been a member of IPT and the business you work for has never had any IPT members, please click here to submit a Request for Consultant Membership application.

Full details on membership in the Institute are described in IPT's By-Laws