When you become a member of IPT, you gain access to essential tools and resources that will enhance your performance and help you achieve your professional goals. Membership also connects you to tax professionals who become part of your professional network. Whether you consider yourself a specialist in Income, Property, Sales, Value Added Taxes (VAT), or Credits and Incentives you’ll find peers who share the same challenges and are equally willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Exceptional Learning Experiences – the Institute for Professionals in Taxation® offers a host of programs designed to meet your specific needs. From targeted professional seminars, schools, and symposia in each tax discipline, to the Annual Business Meeting, and the Annual Conference, you’ll find professional development options that are right for you. And, of course, all at a Member discount.

Benefits of Membership

1. Educational Opportunities and Continuing Education Credit - Access to industry-leading professional development and education programs, including schools and symposia for each tax discipline (income, property, sales and use, value added tax) and for credits and incentives practitioners. We offer a multitude of in-person, online and local programs to help members further their educational goals. 

2. Professional Designation - Industry recognition and credibility as a tax expert through the Certified Member of the Institute (CMI) professional designation in each of three state and local tax (SALT) designations: income, property, sales and use tax, as well as the CCIP professional designation for credits and incentives professionals.

3. Professional Opportunities - An extensive network of tax professionals sharing knowledge and best practices. IPT membership provides thousands of private, corporate and other tax professionals with opportunities to network with colleagues across the country and to interact with others from multiple tax disciplines. 

4. IPT Newsletter – Access to the IPT Insider, a monthly newsletter which provides analysis on judicial and regulatory developments and current IPT news and events.

5. The IPT Member Database - A comprehensive and user-friendly database that provides members with the ability to search for more than 5,000 tax professionals by name, company, tax specialty and location.

6. A Strict Code of Ethics – Professional standards, which are recognized industry-wide, that govern member conduct and define professional expectations in all tax related matters. 

7. The IPT Website – An online repository for information, online courses, personalized membership information, industry job postings and additional resources for IPT members.

8. IPT Committees – Volunteer opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills, influence IPT’s organizational direction and establish a stronger professional reputation through committee participation.

9. Professional Achievement - IPT’s annual awards program recognizes outstanding contributions made to IPT and the tax profession.

10. Industry Research – Detailed investigation into a specific topic producing empirical data sets and surveys, analyses, reports and other information that can be used in legislative and congressional debate, as well as to help members navigate complex SALT issues.

11. IPT Textbooks. The Institute currently has three textbooks circulation: Property Taxation, 4th Edition (2014);State Business Income Tax Book. In addition to these three texts, IPT also publishes a Third-Party Drop Shipment Survey every other year.