Become a Member

IPT offers the following memberships, based on your role with your employer and within the industry. 

A. Corporate Member:An employee of a business who has responsibility for managing or administering the state or local tax obligations, or value added tax obligations, of a business or of one or more affiliated businesses unless the employee is a consultant. Click Here

B. Consultant Member:  An individual who is a consultant that meets the general membership requirements and whose employer provides tax-related legal, accounting, appraisal, audit, tax compliance or planning, or other tax-related services or products to persons who are not affiliated with the employer. Consultant Membership also includes those who provide tax-related credits and incentives services to his employer or persons not affiliated with the employer.  Click Here

C. Academic Member:  Professors, instructors or students in good standing employed by or enrolled in any academically certified college or university who have a professional interest in public finance or state and local taxation and who are not eligible for membership Click Here