About IPT

Who Are We?

The Institute, founded in 1976, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational association serving over 5,000 members representing approximately 1,500 corporations, firms, or taxpayers throughout the United States and Canada. It is the only professional organization that educates, certifies and establishes strict codes of conduct for state and local income, property and sales & use tax professionals who represent taxpayers (government officials or organizations do not qualify for membership). The Institute also provides excellent educational programs in Value Added Tax (VAT) and Credits & Incentives.

The Institute provides outstanding educational opportunities for its members tailored to their professional needs. Professional designation programs in state income, property and sales tax leading to the CMI designation (Certified Member of the Institute) and in credits and incentives leading to the CCIP (Certified Credits and Incentives Professional) are also available to members who satisfy the educational, experience and examination requirements. The Institute is dedicated to uniform and equitable administration of income, ad valorem and sales & use taxes, to minimizing the cost of tax administration and compliance, and to a high degree of professionalism. Members are expected to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.

IPT members represent the spectrum of business and industry sectors of all sizes - from small firms to most Fortune 500 companies. What they share is a dedication to excellence and a desire to further professionalism and cooperation within the tax profession.

What Do We Offer?


The Institute equips tax professionals in the private/corporate sectors to do a better job every day with valuable tools, top-flight educational programs, and timely notification of legislative actions and court decisions. Our programs for tax professionals are delivered through:

  • Over 20 yearly, well-planned, nationwide seminars, joint programs, academies, symposia, forums and schools (held on university campuses around the country)
  • An Annual Conference, with an abundance of learning and networking opportunities, new ideas, and insights into important issues and trends
  • Employment opportunities
  • Membership Directory
  • Continuing education, both live and online
  • Monthly newsletter, plus legislative alerts, studies and special notices on state actions and administrative rulings, keeping members at the forefront; advance information on proposed and enacted regulations means better compliance and greater efficiency in preparing filings
  • Granting and administering professional designations: CMI (Certified Member of the Institute) for state business income, property and sales tax practitioners who represent business and industry and the CCIP (Certified Credits and Incentives Professional) for credits and incentives practitioners who also represent business and industry
  • Textbooks. The Institute publishes three textbooks: Property Taxation, Property Taxation, the 4th Edition, updated in 2014; Sales and Use Taxation, with 24 chapters, provides comprehensive coverage of the field. State Business Income Tax Book First Edition. In addition to these three texts, IPT also publishes a Third-Party Drop Shipment Survey, which is updated every other year. 
  • Membership provides thousands of private, corporate and other tax professionals with opportunities to network with colleagues across the country. Our Local Luncheon Groups are a prime example of local networking.