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select Donations To Educational Fund  DON2015DON2015
select9/24/2013DL Course: Constitutionality of Incentives - DLN608  DLN608DLN608
select9/22/2014DL Course: Intro To Income Tax for C&I ProfessionalsAtlantaGADLN6022017DLN6022017
select9/22/2014DL Course: Intro To Property Tax for C&I Professionals  DLN6012017DLN6012017
select9/24/2014DL Course: Concepts of Tax Credits & Incentives  DLN6032017DLN6032017
select9/24/2014DL Course: Governmental Process for Incentives DLN611  DLN611DLN611
select9/24/2014DL Course: Research 101 for Credits and Incentives DL606  DLN606DLN606
select9/24/2014DL Course: Workforce Development & Training Incentives DL625  DLN625DLN625
select9/25/2014DL Course: Alternative Energy Credits & Incentives DLN613  DLN613DLN613
select9/25/2014DL Course: Federal/State R&D Credits DLN626  DLN626DLN626
select9/25/2014DL Course: International Incentives DLN614  DLN614DLN614
select9/25/2014DL Course: New Markets Tax Credits Fundamentals DLN610  DLN610DLN610
select9/25/2014DL Course: Site Selection & Role of Incentives DLN616  DLN616DLN616
select9/25/2014DL Course: State & Federal Enterprise Zones DLN624  DLN624DLN624
select9/25/2014DL Course: Sustainability & Clean Technology Incentive DL609  DLN609DLN609
select9/25/2014DL Course: Tax Credit Monetization - The Basics DLN615  DLN615DLN615
select12/1/2015DL Course: Ethics in Tax and Life DLN105AtlantaGADLN105DLN105
select12/17/2015DL Course: Sample CourseAtlantaGATEST101TEST101
select12/17/2015DL Course: Sample Course DLN000AtlantaGADLN000DLN000
select12/31/2015Income Tax Book First Edition  EBITBKEBITBK