Upcoming 2017 Programs

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Begin DateTitleDetails
2/26/20172017 Sales Tax School IRegister
3/6/2017Live Webinar: Measuring Economic Obsolescence 307Register
3/16/20172017 Value-Added Tax SeminarRegister
4/4/2017Live Webinar: Intangible Analysis and Case Review 312Register
4/20/2017Live Webinar: TX Taxpayer Remedies Post Appraisal Review 317Register
4/23/20172017 Sales Tax School IIRegister
5/7/20172017 Real Property Tax SchoolRegister
5/15/20172017 Credits & Incentives SchoolRegister
6/4/20172017 State Income Tax School IRegister
6/4/20172017 State Income Tax School IIRegister
7/9/201741st Annual ConferenceRegister
8/13/20172017 Property Tax SchoolRegister
9/17/20172017 Sales Tax SymposiumRegister
10/1/20172017 Personal Property Tax SchoolRegister
10/10/20172017 VAT SymposiumRegister
10/22/20172017 Credits & Incentives SymposiumRegister
11/5/20172017 Property Tax SymposiumRegister
11/12/20172017 Income Tax SymposiumRegister